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International Flight Operations Academy

International Flight Operations Academy


The International Flight Operations Academy provides access to world-class quality training and professional development services for aviation organizations and individuals eager to enhance their careers in different air transport industry sectors.

As a result, we want to ensure that the current and next generation of aviation professionals benefit from a unique experience and a seamless framework linking basic skills training, vocational and higher education.

Therefore, our professional expertise provides our customers with competitive advantages by acquiring the necessary competencies, optimizing operational and environmental efficiency, and enhancing the essential decision-making skills required in the current aviation industry.


At the IFOA, we firmly believe that aviation professionals and organizations without exception deserve top-notch training and services without spending an awful lot of money. That’s why we offer our customers outstanding services at affordable prices.

We also strongly believe we can drive innovation and enhance our customers’ training experience by developing our culture to be entirely aligned with our core values:


We take pride in our work in delivering affordable and world-class services to our customers.


We build trust amongst our customers and teams by advocating and applying high ethical and environmental standards in our everyday life and business.


We encourage our teams always to go the extra mile to offer our customers customized services adapted to their needs


We embrace changes and innovation to ensure delivering the WOW amongst customers, collaborators, and business partners through cutting-edges services.


We work smart, take care of our customers and our team, and have fun ensuring our company’s success and sustainability.


We structure our work environment to enable our team to create their best work and achieve their maximum potential. Hence, we value a culture of creativity, individual expression, inclusion, team spirit, diversity of opinion, and freedom of communication.