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Enhance Your Competencies

The International Flight Operations Academy provides access to world-class quality training and professional development services for aviation organizations and individuals eager to enhance their careers in different air transport industry sectors.

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An Extensive Services Portfolio that makes the Difference

Our key strength lies in our extensive portfolio and the excellence of our aviation training programs, consulting services, and strategic solutions offered to individuals, start-ups, and well-established organizations in the air transport industry.

Flight Dispatch

Get the unique EASA and FAA Double Flight Dispatcher International Certification

Ground Operations

Enhance your skills to contribute actively to enhancing Safety on an Airport or FBO ramp

Train the Trainer

Because knowledge of the specific subject alone is not enough to make a training successful

Consulting Services

Become more efficient and successful with a high level of knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry

And we have well more...

We surely have the perfect solutions adapted to your needs

About IFOA

We gear toward an Efficient Learning & Development

This is why the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA) is recognized as the leading European training organization for flight dispatchers and operations officers by the industry

Our flight dispatcher training program is stepping away from the inefficient, traditional training approach to develop and maintain a fully functioning Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) approach.

IFOA is proud to be the first aviation training organization that has delivered flight training following the prerequisites recommended by the ICAO Doc 10106 manual.

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Discover IFOA Advantages

Why we are the BEST choice for YOU

The Lowest Prices on the Market

You deserve top-notch training and services without spending an awful lot of money.

Only World-Class Instructors

You deserve world-class training delivered by experienced and certified subject-matter experts. 

A Unique Double Certification

We are the only training organization providing an FAA Flight Dispatch license with an EASA education.

Top Customized Services

You deserve tailored services in accordance with on your specific operation's requirements.

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Prestigeous Airlines


Subject-Matter Experts


Speaking Languages


Locations Worldwide


Our Customers satisfaction is a Priority 

High-quality and tailored training is vital for Flight Operation personnel, but it is also tough to find in the market. Fortunately, IFOA provides exactly what we were searching for as a high standards operator.
I am looking forward to more training opportunities.

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    Filipe Sanches

    OCC Manager / DHL Austria

I searched for a training organization with a different type of mindset when it comes to teaching. IFOA managed to deliver tailored training according to our request. After the training staff expressed that it was the best training they received while working in any airline.

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    Paulius Kazlauskas

    Head of OCC  / Getjet Airlines

We selected The International Flight Operations Academy due to the fact, that we rely on high-quality training for our Dispatch staff. The training we received from IFOA was very professional and fully met our expectations — IFOA is highly recommendable.

  • Air Alsie logo Full
    Hans Jorgen Westen

    Deputy Ground Operations Manager / Air Alsie

High-quality training is an essential area for flight crews but also flight operations control personnel.

IFOA offers exactly this training so that flight operations personnel are always up to date in aviation.

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    Bernhard Lüdtke

    Flight Operations Control Manager / DHL Leipzig

We Care about your Success!

We will offer the most suitable customized services adapted to your needs to help you optimize operational and environmental efficiency and enhance the essential decision-making skills required in the modern aviation industry.

We Empower your Business thanks to Our Strategic Partners

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