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We aim to educate and inspire the global next generation of talents who support shaping the future of a safer, more effective, and sustainable aviation industry.

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The International Flight Operations Academy is a Swiss-based aviation training and consulting company created in February 2021 on the robust foundations of the well-established Danish Kronborg Air Consult.

We nurture a “think outside the box” and “work smart” culture; this is why we are stepping away from the inefficient, traditional training approach to develop and maintain a fully functioning Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) approach.

IFOA is proud to be the first aviation training organization to deliver Flight Dispatch / Flight Operations Officer courses following the prerequisites recommended by the new ICAO Doc 10106 manual.

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Spanning the Globe with Excellence

Embark on a transformative journey with the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA), where the horizons of aviation training know no bounds.

From the pioneering spirit of IFOA Europe to the innovative excellence of IFOA India, onto the exciting horizons of IFOA USA, and onto the visionary future of IFOA UAE, we are charting a course to become the globe's premier destination for Flight Dispatcher training.

This strategic expansion underlines our dedication to setting the standard in aviation training, offering a tapestry of specialized certificates that empower our graduates to soar. Join us as we navigate the future of aviation, elevating your career to new heights on a global platform.

Our pioneering approach to blending various Flight Dispatch certification programs sets us apart. We proudly lead the way in shaping skilled and versatile NexGen aviation professionals for the global stage.

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Our Vision

Our Mission

We want to become the most recognized global aviation educational organization by developing and inspiring the talents who support shaping the future of a safer, more effective, and sustainable aviation industry.

We are committed to continuously delivering educational excellence and providing aviation development expertise to aviation professionals and organizations globally through affordable and top-notch quality learning and services experience.

You deserve world-class training and services without spending an awful lot of money

At the IFOA, we want to ensure that your teams will be the best prepared with the adequate training required to enhance the safety and efficiency to the highest level needed in their challenging and complex area of responsibilities That’s why we offer our customers world-class services at affordable prices.

We also strongly believe we can drive innovation and enhance our customers’ training experience by developing our culture to be entirely aligned with our core values

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We take pride in our work in delivering affordable and world-class services to our customers.


We build trust amongst our customers and teams by advocating and applying high ethical and environmental standards.


We encourage our teams always to go the extra mile to offer our customers adapted customized solutions.


We embrace changes and innovation to ensure delivering the WOW amongst customers, collaborators, and business partners.


We work smart, take care of our customers and our team, and have fun ensuring our company’s success and sustainability.


We encourage our team to achieve their maximum potential by valuing a culture of creativity, opinion diversity, and communication freedom.

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Get the right tailored solutions for your needs

Get out of the rut and benefit from our extensive portfolio and the excellence of our customized aviation training programs, consulting services, and strategic solutions offered to individuals, start-ups, and well-established organizations in the air transport industry.

Ready to enhance your competenties?

Book the most suitable training program to acquire the necessary competencies, optimize operational and environmental efficiency, and enhance the essential decision-making skills required in the modern aviation industry.

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