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Meet our team that make the Magic happen!

Meet our Fantastic Team

The IFOA is a strong team of experts working passionately towards a unique goal: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and SUCCESS.

We are the collective of our combined knowledge and experience base, and indeed, together, we bring more than 100 years of expertise in different aviation fields. We share the common desire to strive for excellence in everything we undertake.

The Leadership Team

VI Webpage About Us

Vincent Incammicia, Co-Founder & CEO
IFOA Group

KK Web

Kenneth Kronborg, Co-Founder & COO
IFOA Group

The Management Team

Tiago Webpage

Tiago Ludgero
Head of Global Training

IFOA Europe / Switzerland


Luis Guerrero
Managing Director

IFOA USA by TAS / Miami

The Fantastic Instructor Team

Russ Williams Webpage

Russ Williams, Instructor
IFOA Europe / North America


Richard Yeates, Instructor
IFOA Europe / North America

Sven Web

Sven Krieger, Instructor
IFOA Europe


Ajay Pande, DGR Experts
IFOA Europe

Willy Small

Willy Nowak, Instructor
IFOA Europe

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Discover why the International Flight Operations Academy is the Leading Flight Dispatch training Organization in Europe. 

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