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1. FAQ - Flight Dispatch Programs

With our Flight Dispatch Initial Blended Model, IFOA is the only school worldwide offering a double international certification.

  1. EASA-based Certificate
  2. Part-65 FAA Flight Dispatcher license

With this unique educational model, our NON-US students will benefit from an EASA and FAA education, allowing them to acquire the most adapted knowledge related to their geographical area of operations regulations.

With this model, European Air Organizations can ensure that their future flight dispatchers are licensed (FAA certified) as per company requirements and get the proper knowledge (EASA-based certificate) required to be released faster than with the single FAA model.

  • The FAA license is delivered as per FAA 14 CFF PART 65 – Certification: Airmen other than Flight Crewmembers.
  • The EASA-based certificate is delivered as per EASA AMC1 ORO.GEN.110 (c) and the prerequisite of the ICAO Manual Doc 10106.

It depends on the Flight Dispatch certification model chosen:

EASA-based Model 

A hybrid FIVE weeks (175 hours) EASA-based certificate training.

  • Two weeks of virtual Training + three weeks of classroom training in Europe

FAA Model

Hybrid 200 hours Part-65 FAA certification training. One week minimum of a classroom in Miami is required.

Blended Model

Hybrid SIX weeks (200 hours) Double certification training.

  • Two weeks of virtual + two weeks of classroom training in Europe.
  • One week virtual + one-week classroom in Miami.

The following total tuition fees  are before any discounts:

EASA-based Certification Model

  • 3,500 EUR  for 5 weeks Ab-Initio program.
  • 2,800 EUR  for 3 weeks Aviation Experience program.

FAA Certification Model

  • 4,800 USD for 200 hours program.

This includes training textbooks, the computer ADX examination fee (175.00 USD), and the Practical Exam (500 USD).

Double Certification Model

  • 5,000 USD for at least 200 hours program.

This includes training textbooks, the computer ADX examination fee (175.00 USD), and the Practical Exam (500 USD).

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