Foxtrot Delta – Special Edition

Aviation Sustainability

We are delighted to announce that the first Special Edition of our Foxtrot Delta Magazine about Aviation Sustainability is available!

In this Special Edition, we will feature innovative (and realistic) solutions offered by leading companies and organizations contributing actively and efficiently to reducing the climate impact of aviation:

🌍 European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)
🌍 Airbus & FRALDA – FRench AirLine Dispatcher Association
🌍 Osprey Flight Solutions
🌍 Azzera
🌍 deltaBurn Pte Ltd
🌍 ASTOG-Aviation-fze

With the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA) Foxtrot Delta Magazine, you can enhance your aviation knowledge for free.

You can access the magazine here –> Special Edition of Foxtrot Delta Magazine

Special Thanks to Puja Mahajan, Anant Jain, Adam Durant, Conor Farrington, Sander de Moor, Peter Ireland, Marylin Bastin, Kemal Ahmed, Jean-Thomas Rey, Róman Kok, Robert Baltus, Francois Eraud, Sven Krieger, Mariya Vynohradova, Bruce Norfolk, Kathryn Boast for your contribution and intelligent work to make the aviation industry better.

The Special Edition of Foxtrot Delta aims to be educational and and raise awareness about existing optimum solutions to enhance Safety, Security, Sustainability (the 3 S), and Efficiency in the aviation industry.

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