GetJet has chosen IFOA

GetJet Airlines FOO Advanced Training

GetJet Airlines FOO Advanced Training 282 213 Vincent

GetJet has chosen IFOA

Getjet Airlines has chosen the International Flight Operations Academy

Tiago Ludgero, one of our talented freelance instructors, has completed five days of intensive and fruitful weeks of Flight Operations Officers/Flight Dispatcher Advanced training, onsite in Vilnius for the young brilliant Getjet Airlines flight dispatch team.

The advanced training #NorthAtlantic#EDTO#CNS, #PacificOperations#PolarOperations, and #RussiaAirspace, was given following the recommended training practices prescribed in the #ICAODoc10106.

The flight dispatcher team also had the opportunity to perform practical flight planning exercises on the AIR SUPPORT A/S PPS flight planning system.

At the end of the training, all participants successfully passed three challenging exams, demonstrating the highest level of competencies required to ensure the best professional, the safest, and the most efficient flight support experience.

Once again, thank you, Getjet Airlines, for your confidence; the International Flight Operations Academy is really proud to get such a professional airline as a customer.

We are looking forward to continuing our professional partnership in the future.