IFOA 2022 Review

What a Great Year

What a Great Year for the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA)!

Here is a sneak peek at how our team has worked hard to make #IFOA successful in 2022.

πŸ“š We attracted 16 New airlines and business Aviation organizations.

πŸ“š We launched our first Flight Dispatch Initial Training in Vilnius in partnership with Getjet Airlines. We trained 12 international attendees from 8 different countries.

πŸ“š We attended five international aviation events.

πŸ“š We developed two new strategic alliances (strategic partners).

πŸ“š We delivered our first Ground Operations training program to #Willis UK at Teeside Airport.

πŸ“š We launched the First edition of the Foxtrot Delta magazine.

πŸ“š We have developed and released our Brand New IFOA Visual Identity.

Thank you to our dear customers, strategic partners, and excellent teams who supported the #IFOA to become the leading Flight Dispatch Training and Development company in Europe.

✈ If 2022 was great…2023 will be EPIC!

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