IFOA Activities Review – Q2 2023

Thank you to our fantastic team and amazing customers for making the #IFOA so successful again in Q2 2023. Clearly, our success is your success.

There is no magic trick! Our outstanding success results from the continuous focus on the strategy articulated around our Vision, Mission, and core values set at the inception of the #IFOA.

Once again, Q2 2023 confirms that the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA) is leading Europe’s non-pilot operational control learning and development market.

Here is a quick heads-up.

USA Calling! We have finally expanded our training activities beyond European boundaries. On the historic July 4th, we started IFOA USA by TAS, the Miami-based company born from the joint venture between Technical Aviation Services, Inc and IFOA.

Also, I’m delighted to announce that we have expanded our learning and development services portfolio through several strategic partnerships.

We are proud to offer exceptional training associated with our Ground Operations program. Organizations can benefit from Load Control and De-Icing training and consulting services from recognized experts.

IFOA continues to build on its growing resonance among aviation organizations. We are delighted to welcome seven new customers from Airline, Cargo, Business Aviation, and Flight Support industries.

Thank you to all who contributed actively to our success.

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