Initial Training for Babcock Aviation

Initial Training for Babcock Aviation 461 347 Vincent

Aviation Professional Conversion

International Flight Operations Academy has been contracted by Babcock Aviation / Norwegian Air Ambulance for delivering an initial flight dispatcher training to three marvelous, brilliant aviation professionals.

The new team had the fantastic opportunity to be trained in Tromso by Kenneth Kronborg, our Chief Operating Officer, and Tiago Ludgero, our Head of Training.

At the end of the training, the three participants scored high on our challenging final exam, demonstrating the highest level of competencies required to ensure the best professional, the safest, and the most efficient flight support experience.

Once again, thank you, Babcock Aviation, for your confidence in the International Flight Operations Academy.

We are looking forward to delivering future training to your excellent flight dispatchers.

If, like Babcock Aviation / Norwegian Air Ambulance, you are interested in enhancing your team’s competencies to the highest level, visit our website
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