Launch of IFOA USA by TAS

We are thrilled to announce the launch of IFOA USA by TAS, our Miami-based training company.

So today, we are delighted to celebrate these two important events in the history of the United States

While on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted this date as the Declaration of Independence, the US Board of Directors of IFOA USA by TAS has chosen July 4, 2023, as the official start date of our new Miami-based training organization.

IFOA USA by TAS is a joint venture between the Swiss International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA) and US FAA Part 65-approved Technical Aviation Services, Inc.

This joint venture allows us to:

➡ Deliver the Part 65 FAA Flight Dispatcher license worldwide with higher standards matching the aviation needs of the 21st Century than any other existing Part-65 approved Flight Dispatcher schools.

➡ Enhance the student and customer learning experience with a UNIQUE and TOP-NOTCH training program worldwide like the Double Certification – EASA/FAA or the use of leading aviation tools and systems.

➡ With IFOA USA by TAS, we will not simply train you to pass the ADX and practical exams.

IFOA and TAS have combined their expertise to ensure that you will be the best prepared with the adequate aviation education required to enhance the safety and efficiency to the highest level needed in the challenging and complex Flight Dispatcher area of responsibilities required by modern aviation.

At IFOA USA by TAS, we redefine the boundaries of the Flight Dispatcher training experience.

Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday (newborn) IFOA USA by TAS.

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