Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatch Advanced Training – Module 1


  • Performance-Based-Navigation
  • Space Weather

Training Objective and Audience

This training is designed for flight operations personnel (flight dispatchers, navigation officers, operations controllers,…), flight crew, and other aviation professionals eager to enhance their knowledge.


It provides a deep dive into the PBN concept and a thorough understanding of the differing navigation infrastructure and aircraft functionalities supporting the different navigation specifications. After completing the training, you will understand the meaning and principles of area navigation (RNAV) and the PBN concept.

  • Regulatory Requirements;
  • PBN/RNP/RNAV definitions;
  • PBN concept;
  • PBN/RNP/RNAV concepts Benefit;
  • RNP and RNAV utilisation (RNP 1,2,4,5,10,APCH, AR APCH, A-RNP);
  • GNSS and RAIM concept;
  • PBN Airspace Requirements
  • Aircraft MEL and operational procedures
  • Approach Chart characteristics
  • etc…


This training provides an introduction to the space weather phenomena and how they can impact aviation operations. After this training, you will acquire a high level of knowledge about space weather forecasts for flight planning at high latitudes and additional tools available to assist you in decision-making.

  • Definition of geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms, solar flare radio blackouts, solar radio bursts, and cosmic radiation;
  • Levels of impacts on the aviation operations;
  • Degradation or loss of radio communication and satellite navigation signals;
  • Navigation system disruptions; and avionics errors;
  • A polar route study, including cost-benefit and risk analysis ;
  • Human health impact;
  • Current standardization of information and regulations;
  • Etc…

Additional Information

  • Training Price: 199 CHF (per training day)
  • Training Delivery: Virtual
  • Instructor: TBA
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded an IFOA Certificate valid for an unlimited period.

How to register?

Fill in the Inquiry Form on the page CONTACT or send us an email at info@theifoa.com