Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatch Advanced Training – Module 2


  • North Atlantic Operations & Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)
  • Extended Range OperationsETOPS / EDTO

Training Objective and Audience

This training is designed for flight operations personnel (flight dispatchers, navigation officers, operations controllers,…), flight crew, and other aviation professionals eager to enhance their knowledge.


This training explores important concepts, definitions, equipment, procedures, and requirements related to operations in the North Atlantic High-Level Airspace (NAT HLA) and the Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS). At the end of the training, you will enhance your knowledge about normal operations and respond to abnormal operations associated with any alerts provided by the aircraft system to indicate failures.

  • Introduction to NAT HLA structure;
  • NAT HLA route structures including the Organized Track System (OTS), random route, Blue Spruce routes, special routes, and polar tracks;
  • Aircraft communication and navigation equipment requirements;
  • Procedures in the event of communication or navigation systems degradation or failure;
  • Introduction to Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure (SLOP);
  • Flight planning procedures;
  • NAT HLA flight operation & navigation procedures;
  • Introduction to CNS;
  • ADSB, ADSC, and CPDLC;
  • Advantages of the PBCS Concept;
  • Differences between PBCS and PBN;
  • Required Communication Performance (RCP);
  • Required Surveillance Performance (RSP);
  • PBCS – Required Aircraft System Eligibility;
  • ATS FPL requirements;
  • PBCS in NAT HLA;
  • Etc…

Extended Range Operations – ETOPS / EDTO

This training provides you with in-depth knowledge about the regulatory requirements to plan practically safe and efficient ETOPS and EDTO operations.

  • History of ETOPS;
  • Relation between ETOPS and EDTO;
  • The transition from ETOPS to EDTO;
  • Regulatory framework of ETOPS and EDTO;
  • Introduction to ETOPS and EDTO operations;
  • Flight Planning requirements and procedures, including weather minima, selection of alternate airports, and fuel requirements;
  • Aircraft systems requirements, MEL / CDL including component failures;
  • Emergency procedures;
  • Introduction to Equal Time Points (ETPs);
  • Etc…

Additional Information

  • Training Price: 199 CHF (per training day)
  • Training Delivery: Virtual
  • Instructor: TBA
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded an IFOA Certificate valid for an unlimited period.

How to register?

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