Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatch Advanced Training – Module 3


  • Winter Operations
  • Traffic Rights and Flight Permits

Training Objective and Audience

This training is designed for flight operations personnel (flight dispatchers, navigation officers, operations controllers,…), flight crew, and other aviation professionals eager to enhance their knowledge.


This training provides of the challenges of planning operations during cold weather, icing, and snow. This includes procedures for deicing and anti-icing fluids and the use of holdover tables; the effects icing has on flight aerodynamics, runway contamination, and the requirement to apply altitude corrections for operating in colder than normal weather conditions.

  • Regulatory Requirements;
  • Winter AIC’s and CAA Information Notices / Safety Directives and Safety Notices;
  • Wintry precipitation;
  • New Snowtam decode;
  • Effects of the in-flight and Ground Icing;
  • Deicing Procedures;
  • Deicing and Anti-icing Fluid Types;
  • Holdover Timetable;
  • Runway Contamination;
  • Runway conditions and aircraft performance;
  • Braking Actions Vs. crosswind limitation;
  • Fuel temperature limit and fuel freezing;
  • etc…


This training provides knowledge about the context and requirements of international air law, air service agreements, flight permits, open skies agreements, and traffic rights. At the end of the training, you will understand the formal requirements of flight operations to apply for flight permits, to operate and open new routes or destinations.

  • The Chicago Convention 1944;
  • Sovereignty and Freedoms of the Air;
  • Open Skies;
  • Bilateral and multilateral agreements on international air transportation;
  • Requirements of flight operations and opening new routes and destinations;
  • Flight permit types: overflight, landing, special flight permits;
  • Overflight permit charges calculation;
  • Challenges to applying for overflight and landing permits;
  • How to apply for flight permits: seasonal and ad-hoc;
  • Etc…

Additional Information

  • Training Price: 199 CHF (per training day)
  • Training Delivery: Virtual
  • Instructor: TBA
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded an IFOA Certificate valid for an unlimited period.

How to register?

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