Aviation Sustainability Training

Our Aviation Sustainability training program is the commitment of the International Flight Operations Academy to support air operators, FBO’s and ground handling agents to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050.

It is evident that the aviation industry, by nature, is innovative. Besides, the air transport industry has always sought technological progress to optimize the operational and environmental way of operating.

Notwithstanding, we firmly believe that mitigating the aviation industry’s emissions impact on the environment also requires engaging air transport personnel and implementing appropriate sustainability awareness-raising measures through proper operational and environmental high education.

Our Aviation Sustainability training program will offer a multitude of practical solutions to support organizations, whatever their size, in meeting their emission goals.

The success will require the coordinated efforts of the entire industry.


Introduction to Sustainability

Clearly, an organization that incorporates these sustainable training concepts into its culture improves its environmental performance, is more efficient, demonstrates a better reputation globally, and will be prepared for future climate change challenges that may put the aviation industry at risk.

Therefore, our sustainable aviation training is designed to overview the critical environmental challenges globally and address key initiatives to minimize the aviation industry emissions impact on climate change. We want to actively assist air transport organizations such as air operators, FBOs, and ground handling to understand how to identify risks to significant potential barriers towards their growth and the engagements required to enable the sustainable development of their activities.

The information about the Sustainability Training will be communicated SOON.