Crew Control and Scheduling

Developing one of the toughest careers in the Aviation Industry

Crew Controller, another Hero behind the scene

Crew control specialists don’t make the schedules, they fix them when they’re broken.

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Like Flight dispatchers, Crew Control/Scheduling professionals are essential problem solvers working behind the scene around the clock in dynamic and challenging operations control centers, with the exception that most of the time Crew Controllers worldwide acquire the knowledge and skills almost 100% on the job.

Crew Controllers/Schedulers are usually the primary points of contact to assist with crews’ operational needs.

Every flight needs a fixed number of pilots and cabin crew to operate. Flights will be delayed or canceled without the Crew Controller/Schedulers' magic.

These aviation specialists at a smaller airline may expand to crew rostering, vacation management, hotel booking, and ground transportation arrangements.

An challenging aviation career you've never heard of

Crew Control and Scheduling teams must optimize crew rosters and costs by adhering to complex regulations governing crew rest, flight duty limitations, and fatigue resource management.

However, this crucial, highly stressful function is too often an entry-level job, and learning at the subject matter experts level takes years. Today official certification programs do not exist, nor even practical courses on the complex topic of airline crewing.

IFOA has developed efficient Initial Crew Control/Scheduling and Fatigue Risk Management training programs that support these vital aviation professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge to start or continue their careers in a complex operations environment.


We care about Crew Control Professionals

We have developed for you this specific training program

The right trade off between legal framework and Crew satisfaction

Our Crew Control/Scheduling training addresses all relevant requirements, knowledge and best industry practice for Crew Control/Scheduling Department.

It aims to enhance the functions and awareness of the Crew Control/Scheduling personnel to carry out their responsibility in the most effective and efficient method in a dynamic and challenging Operations Control Center (OCC).

You will acquire in-depth knowledge on balancing optimum crew utilization within the legal framework of Flight  Time Limitations (FTL) and Fatigue Risk Management (FRM).

Pilot and Hostess

Crew Control/Scheduling Training

Learn to apply aviation rules, regulations, and restrictions to ensure the crew's roster requirements are legally met, costly effective, and enhance crew satisfaction during daily operations.


Fatigue Risk Management

Develop practical and realistic management strategies for crews to overcome fatigue and achieve better quality rest, thus improving their health and mitigating safety risks associated.

Ready to become a well-trained Crew Controller?

We will make sure that you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform this crucial but complex and challenging role in a modern Operations Control Center (OCC).

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