Dangerous Goods by Air

Because the Safety associated with the Carriage of DGR by Air is more than just a Law 

The highest Standards leads to Safety

With our DGR training, we actively promote and contribute to achieving the highest degree possible of safety in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

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Dangerous Goods are articles or substances capable of endangering the safety of an aircraft or persons on board when transported by air.

Developing the appropriate required competencies to handle dangerous goods throughout the process and raising awareness about the possible risks when transporting dangerous goods by air is crucial for safe and efficient flight operations.

Staying up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and good practices is essential to comply with the safest industry standards. Furthermore, it is vital to effectively acquire the suitable knowledge, skills, and attitude related to your specific function to apply fast, adequate (emergency) response to dangerous goods incidents.

Competency-Based Training and Assessment Approach

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Under the Competency-Based Training and Assessment approach, personnel involved in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air must be trained to perform the function they are responsible for competently.

The personnel's specific roles, not only job titles, determine these responsibilities in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air.

We support Air Operators in establishing and maintaining a dangerous goods training and assessment program commensurate with the personnel functions. It shall be achieved through a Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) approach as prescribed in the ICAO Doc 10147.

Finally an enjoyable DGR Training

Move away from dry, inefficient, and boring, Dangerous Goods Training

Let's Focus on your Function and Responsibilities

Our INITIAL and RECURRENT Dangerous Goods training match requirements for all personnel involved in the preparation or transport of dangerous goods by air, commensurate with their responsibilities, to ensure they can carry out their responsibilities as per the following dangerous goods regulations:

  • Commission Regulation (EU) 965/2012 – Air Operations
  • FOCA Air Transport Ordinance SR748.411 – Art 16, 16 b/c
  • ICAO doc 9284 - Technical Instructions Part 1 Chapter 4
  • IATA DGR CBTA Training Guidance
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This CBTA training is designed for specific airports and FBO personnel functions responsible for accepting passenger and crew baggage,  which is involved in loading and unloading aircraft cargo, mail, and baggage.


DG or Non-DG Carriers

Are you a DG or Non-DG carrier? We have something for you. Our CBTA training is designed for Air Operator personnel such as flight crew, cabin attendants, and flight dispatchers involved in the carriage of dangerous goods.

Enhance your DG competencies and awereness

We will make sure that your team are competent to perform any function they are responsible for before performing any of these functions in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air.

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