Aviation Soft-Skills

Developing the Human Capital is paramount

Developing the Human Capital in Digital Era

A vital education and development of ‘Soft Skills’ required to ensure the sustainability of the Aviation industry.


The optimization of Operations Control Centers, and the aviation industry in general has improved exponentially over the last decade with developments in digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, the ‘Paradox of Progress’ is often overlooked in the drive to reduce cost. As the industry moves into the ‘danger zone’ of the ‘Complexity / Tight-Coupling Matrix’, robust Soft Skills and adaptive training and development will be decisive.

Clearly, with the fast-pace development of the technology, Soft Skills are becoming a business imperative because legacy skills are losing relevance as the nature of work is disrupted. So, let’s leave the mechanical and routine tasks to computers and concentrate on having better soft skills.

Introducing EQcentrIQ Development Programs

Thanks to the huge advances made in Neuroscience, EQcentrIQ can provide guidance for businesses in the Aviation Industry on how to best develop ‘Emotional Intelligence (EQ)’, among their employees.

EQ is the cornerstone of ‘Soft Skills’ and essential for tackling those unwanted biases that the new digital era brings as baggage.

This new knowledge will also provide the tools to assist in improving engagement, bridging multi-generation gaps, and introducing ‘Generation Z’ effectively into a sustainable workforce.

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Our Soft Skills Development Programs is under Development


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We will make sure that you become more creative, innovative, persuasive, empathetic and develop an awesome work attitude than ever before.

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