Become A Flight Dispatcher

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an Aviation Hero?

Hero behind the Scene!

Flight Dispatchers are not visible but work actively behind the scenes to ensure the aviation industry’s safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


Whether a flight can be performed safely and in the most efficient conditions depends on many significant operational factors that must remain under control from the initial planning analysis until the aircraft is parked at its destination.

These critical responsibilities are assigned to the operational control professionals such as flight dispatchers, operations controllers, crew controllers, or performance engineers. These key teams play a direct or indirect role in the safety and efficiency of every passenger, cargo, or business aviation flight.

Whereas safety remains the priority, this challenging and competitive industry requires a strong focus on efficient flight operations, considering costs, on-time operations, and environmental impact reduction. The effectiveness of aviation organizations' flight operations is directly related to how their competent workforce is trained in the functions they are responsible for.

Unique Part 65 FAA Certificate with an EASA Training

Our Flight Dispatch Initial Class allows you to acquire the most adapted and up-to-date fundamental and task‐specific knowledge required to succeed in your future role inside a highly dynamic and challenging Operations Control Center (OCC).

We are proud to be the only aviation training organization worldwide to offer three different Flight Dispatch Initial Training Programs.


EASA 150

EASA Standards Certificate

175 hours

Flight Dispatch Initial training delivered as per

ICAO Doc 10106


IOSA ISM DSP 2.1, and DSP table 3.6. 

FAA 150

FAA Part 65 Certificate

200 hours

FAA-approved FAR Part 65 aircraft dispatcher certification course.

The training is delivered by our US training School in Florida


Multiple Certification

200 hours

Double certification.

Acquire an FAA-approved FAR Part 65 aircraft dispatcher certification with an EASA Standards education.

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Enhance your Competencies continuously!

We have designed and developed unique top-notch quality and highly efficient CUSTOMIZED SCENARIO-BASED Recurrent and Advanced Flight Dispatch training programs that not only fulfill the ICAO, EASA, FAA, or  IOSA learning prerequisite but, above all, provide aviation professionals with the most robust competencies required to ensure that the flight operations are carried out safely, efficiently and on the environment-friendly manner.


Customized Recurrent Training

 Maintain your competencies to the highest level!

Get trained adequately and remain currently proficient for the type of operation in which you serves as a Flight Dispatcher.


Customized Advanced Training

Take your competencies to the next level!

Enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities to fulfill your role in the highly dynamic and challenging modern aviation world.

Ready to enhance your career to the next level?

We will make sure that you book the most suitable Flight Dispatch training program that will allow you to get the necessary knowledge and skills needed in today's modern aviation industry.

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