FBO and Airport Ground Operations

Enhancing your skills to contribute actively to enhancing Safety on the Ramp but also Customer Services

A Safe Ontime Departure!

We strive to support the industry towards improved safety and operational efficiency in Ground Operations.

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As with other critical roles along the entire value chain, the Ground Operations professionals provide support services to ensure smooth air travel operations; they represent business values and the company's face to customers.

These professionals lead the dynamic ground handling activities around small and heavy airplanes in the right direction and help assure safe, efficient, and timely performance.

However, airport ramps are inherently hazardous!

Ensuring safe, secure, and on-time ground handling turnarounds is a priority for Ground Operations professionals requiring situational awareness, standardization, and "adequate training" in safety and ground handling procedures.

FBO - Going Above and Beyond Customer's Expectations

Good customer service can be defined as GREAT customer service to FBO clients, crew, passengers, and other aviation industry personnel.

FBO Concierge

Good to Great Customer Services

Providing exceptional customer service doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it takes a well-trained team from top to bottom to make it happen.


Cross-training is essential to provide FBO team members with the knowledge and skills how to accomplish "state-of-the-art" effectively all the various tasks in the FBO or on the ramp.


Therefore, attending training focusing on safety, and service is crucial to match the high-level industry standards, and to ensure that safety and operating procedures are followed 100 percent of the time.

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The Highest Training Standards for the Highest Safety Level

Our Ground Operations training aims to support enhancing SAFETY and EFFICIENCY during a turnaround at an airport or FBO ramp through adequate training and learning.

Our training fulfills the highest industry standards ICAO Annex 6, 14 & 19, ICAO Doc 10121, ICAO Doc 9859, ICAO Doc 9683, IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM), IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM), and SAE qualification levels DI-Lxx.

Aircraft Handing

Ground Dispatcher

Develop competencies to ensure effective aircraft turnaround, ensure efficient resources and time management, and enhance proper cooperation with ground service providers. 

Ramp Agent Back

Ramp Agent

Get an overview of principles of aircraft handling using the current ground handling standards and industry best practices to perform supervisory ground handling functions on the ramp. 

Deicing 396

Aircraft De-Icing

Gain insight and understanding of the importance of de-icing processes and how to manage the risks and safety implications surrounding winter aircraft operations.

Ready to enhance safety and customer experience?

We will make sure that you book the most suitable Ground Operations training program that will allow you to ensure safe, secure, and on-time Ground Operations turnarounds.

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