Train The Trainer

Become instructors, trainers, and educational designers with the skills they need to provide the best learning experience to students.

Being a subject-matter expert is not Enough!

Knowledge of the specific subject alone is not enough to make a training successful

Kenneth Kronborg Classroom Training

A skilled aviation instructor or trainer must convey expertise on specific subjects convincingly and interestingly. Realizing that any instructor or trainer needs two sets of skills and knowledge is essential.

  1. They must know their teaching topic
  2. They must know how to transfer that information to the student

Training adults requires specific competencies and special theoretical and practical preparation. Our Train the Trainer course focuses on future instructors who aim to become qualified or professional experts in adult training.

An IFOA Instructional Excellence

Many major global Airlines and Business Aviation organizations did benefit from the IFOA Train the Trainer course.

All of our Train, the Trainer instructors are equipped with instructional skills, knowledge, and techniques, that allow them to prepare future trainers efficiently and effectively.

Our experienced Train the Trainer instructors are qualified and certified with IATA and ICAO-adapted instructor competency models.


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Training Instructor Course

IFOA Train The Trainer Instructors are

ALL Certified with an

ICAO Training Instructor Course certificate

TIC part 1 and 2

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Train The Trainer

IFOA Train The Trainer Instructors are

ALL Certified with an

IATA Train The Trainer certificate

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Safety Management

IFOA Train The Trainer Instructors are

ALL Certified with an

ICAO Safety Management Systems certificate

Ready to become a Outstanding Instructor?

Our Train The Trainer course is designed for you

Get the Best from the Industry Standards

By combining the best practices offered by the industry instructional training standards, we have developed unique, efficient, and fun teaching methods to support you acquire the required skills and empower you to become a successful trainer in any field.

Our Train the Trainer course focused on presentation skills and training best practices. It will allow you to build your instructional skills, evaluate and improve how you design, and conduct training.

IFOA Train The Trainer

Develop the required training strategies for course delivery.


Learn how methodically conduct training courses by the ICAO instructor Competency Framework, and other best practices industry Standards.


Understand how to motivate your students to learn and teach various delivery forms that you can adopt to engage the students with course content more effectively.

Our course fulfills the ICAO Annex 1 & 6 prerequisites recommended by:

  • ICAO Doc 9868 PANS-TRG
  • ICAO Doc 10106
  • ICAO Guidance Material for Instructor and Evaluator Training

And the training requirements from:

  • EASA PART ORO (EASA Air Ops AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(c)&(e) Operator responsibilities)
  • FAA 14 CFR Part 61
  • FAA 14 CFR Part 121 Subpart N & Y

Ready to go beyond subject-matter expert skills?

We will make sure that you improve their instructional techniques to the industry standards, develop your presentation and communication skills to become a more effective trainer.

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