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Have you ever dreamt of becoming an Aviation Hero? Then, become Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatchers are not visible but work actively behind the scenes to ensure the aviation industry’s safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether a flight can be performed safely and in the most efficient conditions depends on many significant operational factors that must remain under control from the initial planning analysis until the aircraft is parked at its destination. These critical responsibilities are assigned to the operations control center professionals, such as flight dispatchers.


With IFOA, you have chosen to become one of the best-prepared professionals for this essential expert role!

The IFOA Flight Dispatcher course is delivered by applying a competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) approach to elevate future flight dispatcher competencies to the highest commensurate level. Our Flight Dispatch Initial training program's content fulfills the NEW EASA Part ORO GEN 110(c) requirement valid since 30 October 2022 and the prerequisite learning objectives set in the ICAO Doc 10106 Manuals on Flight Operations Officers/ Flight Dispatcher Competencies-Based Training and Assessment.

  • Meteorology (MET)
  • Navigation (NAV)
  • Air Law (LAW)
  • Operational Procedures (OP) & Flight Planning (FPL)
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Communication (COM)
  • Human Factor (HF)
  • Mass & Balance (M&B) and Aircraft Performance (PER)
  • PPrinciple of Flight (POF)
  • Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) & Systems (SYS)$
  • Flight Monitoring (MON)
  • Aviation Security Planning (SEC) & Dangerous Goods (DGR)

Our Flight Dispatch Initial Training covers the NEW EASA Fuel/Energy Schemes and the NEW All Weather Operations (AWO) regulations.

Our students will acquire the essential competencies to mobilize the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry out activities and tasks associated with the flight operations officers/flight dispatcher duties and responsibilities, but also the know-how:

  • Operational Control people contribute to the safety and efficiency of flight operations by combining the aviation regulatory framework with the technical and operational requirements of the NEW EASA Part ORO GEN 110(c), the prerequisites recommended by the ICAO Doc 10106, and the latest IOSA ISARPs - DSP Table 3.5 & 3.6.
  • To enhance situational awareness, proactivity, and collaborative decision-making by anticipating and evaluating operational situation issues.
  • To optimize working resource allocation and work outside defined tasks.

Our Flight Dispatch Initial training program is designed for individuals or experienced aviation professionals like pilots, crew controllers, operations controllers, and navigation officers eager to acquire new knowledge or enhance and strengthen competencies required today to become a high performer in a highly dynamic and challenging Operations Control Centers (OCC) environment.

We offer the following TWO training options:

  • 5 Weeks Ab Initio Course - 3500 CHF / 2 Weeks Virtual + 3 Weeks Classroom
  • 3 Weeks Aviation Experience Course - 2800 CHF / 3 Weeks Classroom

IMPORTANT: Before accepting any application for three weeks of training, an IFOA training expert shall evaluate the previous aviation experience to ensure that the required knowledge to succeed in the flight dispatch initial course is met.

Exam Information: Oral/multiple-choice questions / supervised / 75% required to pass.

Upon successfully completing the exam, you will be awarded an IFOA Certificate valid for an unlimited period.

Discover our Unique FAA/EASA Blended Initial Course

The International Flight Operations Academy partners with the FCG Ops for the Flight Dispatch Initial course.

The training will take place in the FCG Ops FBO premises in Riga, Latvia.

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